Sunday, January 22, 2006

Simple Flight Simulator

Hello people, I have a simple flight simulator which is simply superb. You can download for free it at . I now have mastered take-offs and landings on most planes. I also have played it online with other players from around the world who are simply too skilled!!! You can find out more about online gaming from of which I am a member. This site lists all the online servers at any given moment. I hope that all of you will be able to join me in playing that game, especially online, as there is absolutely no network delay.

Please post your comments and let me know if you would like to play this game with me.


P.S. : It takes some patience to master the game completely... After all, flying an airplane is no piece of cake! However, there is nothing to stop you from having fun right from the word go!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Insert appropriate title here... cause I cant think of one.

Half the summer vacations are over and I am bored to death. Some of the things I’ve managed to do so far include
1. Making a fool of myself by signing up for driving class and drive the instructor nuts,
2. Making a fool of myself on various online communities like Orkut and my friends weblogs,
3. Making a fool of myself by consenting to play cricket in the evenings,
4. Making a fool of myself by listing out all the possible ways I have made a fool of myself on my weblog.

Oh, I have also made a fool of myself by forgetting why I named my previous post The Jean Sequence. There is also the minor inconvenience of the football world-cup going on as well, what with everyone one meets wanting to know who would win the next match, and whether or not some harassed looking player with a crazy hairstyle ought to have been given the red card or not. I did make an effort to understand the dynamics behind football but I think I started at the wrong place – I tried to figure out the off-side rule. I however decided to watch all the games being broadcasted on ESPN which by itself is a special thing because the cable operators decided to broadcast the channel making all those who signed up for the CAS look like jackasses.

The heat is also taking its toll on people. Some have gone out to hilly regions to escape from the heat of Chennai. Why, my own good friend Raja Deepak himself is returning home coming Monday leaving a trail of devastation behind in Kodaikanal. The heat has also affected me in the sense that it has impaired my thinking and has made me embark on long soliloquies on topics that are better left alone. Recently for example I wondered what circumstances drive people to suicidal thoughts. One guy I know contemplated doing himself in when he was in a bit of a mess with his classmates. Another wanted to do so because he was in a spot of trouble with his family. Though these were serious problems, which look silly because I do not want to elaborate too much for fear of giving too much away, they hardly qualify to invoke such thoughts. Well I myself have been through worse and have pulled through without incident. I have contemplated suicide twice in my life and the reasons are pretty serious. The first one was when Arun made a record seventeen geek jokes on the morning of the Operating Systems exam. The second was when Navneeth declared "We have spiritual power" to the class in general when a heated discussion was going on about who had more power in his biceps, that would help in arm wrestling. That is the sort of thing heat can do to you.

Regarding driving classes, I have to admit it. I am driving impaired. I can hardly differentiate between the left and the right in the best of times and certainly not when behind the wheel of a car that seems to have a mind of its own. One time I even managed to depress the brake instead of the clutch causing chaos in the traffic that was following our car.
For want of topics to speak about and not make a fool of myself, I’ll wind this post up.

When I am not making a fool of myself, I am bored to death and will only be too happy when college re-opens.

That is all for now…