Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Damn it!

Can you actually believe that I have posted 11 times on this blog and deleted thrice without actually devoting an entire post to this ever-nagging question?


I mean, what is your opinion about the subject? I have asked this question to many people without ever receiving a satisfactory answer from anyone, except for a fellow who now is in Singapore making a fool of himself-No Comments.

I started out in this noble mission of asking anyone and everyone this question of honour that tested everyone's valour when I was going nuts doing my final year of school. (Henceforth I was sent to the asylum which I visit everyday). People were non-plussed, dazed, confunded, demented and illuminated as they struggled with their wits, their conscience, their values, their ethics, and their System Software. As Gandhi once said (On the second page of all CBSE textbooks) "will this help find Swaraj for the millions? You will find your doubts and your boredom melting away."
Or something of that sort.

I asked this question only to ensure that I did not always monopolize a conversation with anyone in a manner in which only the rich, the powerful, and the important can do in smoke-filled boardrooms many miles away, from which they monitor the activities of every one individual. I asked this question so that conversation would not be one-way and would extract some information from the other person.

Things somehow went wrong somewhere down the line. People started feeling non-plussed, dazed, confunded, demented, illuminated, irritated, bored and obnoxious to say the least. They would never answer this question despite being prompted, threatened or begged to so. I even tried throwing the question at people off-guard, responded with the question whenever I picked up the phone, and even tried posting the question on our otherwise defunct online group. But to no avail.

I have to carry out my next step in a carefully planned phased out manner. You will see it when you encounter it.

Yours questioningly,

P.S. : What is your opinion about the subject?


Marc Z said...

A rant worthy of my friend Roshan George.

Mahesh said...

poda _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Anonymous said...

poda dash fellow..... thunga vechuta

navneeth said...

nai if u use these words ever again i will definetly kill u

Sundar said...

I would feel honoured navneeth...

Sundar said...

The anonymous fellow is Raja Deepak. The most craziest fellow I've ever met.

Billy said...

My opinion ab.....subject is WILL U SHUT UP

vivek said...

hi da...this is vivek...don worry tat u don receive proper comments...jus think of this.."kazhudhaiku theriyuma karpuram vaasanai"...ur articles jus take me out of the world wen i read it da...they r really awesome!....ITS TRUE...ITS TRUE!

Sundar said...

oh thanks a lot da vivek

Anonymous said...

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