Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two Fingers and an Ankle

I think I am just not made to play strenuous sports like cricket. This is because I just cant seem to be able to return from a cricket match without having been inflicted by a grevious injury. If you're an Anna University student, You'll know that four of our examinations were postponed. If you are not an Anna University student, then Buzz off.

Three days before I was to take on the Maths III Examination, I was working hard at the cricket ground trying to save my team from losing by attempting to do some spectacular wicket-keeping. A certain character called Robin who seems to have hot blood rushing through his veins eternally, was the chucker(bowler). He literally let her rip. All that I could see of the ball was a yellow streak rushing along a foot above the ground. Conventional wisdom would have suggested that I either try to stop it with my foot, or let it go all together, come hell or high water. I however decided nothing is too fast for me and plunged my hand (My right hand) bravely into the oncoming incarnation of Satan. The ball made its way right in-between my little finger and my ring finger, and proceeded merrily all the way to the boundary. (The ball was a wide, hadn't touched the bat and needed no stopping, according to our rules).

Three weeks later, I visited an orthopedician, who was of the opinion that the swelling was due to the accumulation of some goddamn fluid. Why is it goddamn? Try writing four exams with your little finger pointing to the heavens. This incidentally is the same injury Harbhajan Singh is suffering from right now with his bowling finger. He recommended physiotherapy, prescribed some of the most costliest medicenes ever invented, took a hundred rupees and roared off in a Mercedes(little wonder). The physiotherapist massaged my finger with some gel...whether I received physiotherapy or not she did...she was panting at the end of the session. Each session costed Rs 50/- a nominal ammount. I avoided the place with fervour thereafter.

But my woes were not to be over. A week after the finger injury, before visiting the doc., I was doing some spectacular fielding... I ran after a ball that was travelling like a tortoise, picked it up and threw it back to the bowler. Then I as I was running back to my position, stepped on a brick, which lent itself to some rolling and the next thing I knew, I was staring up at the skies with a sprained ankle...thank God I didnt consult the doc for that. The injury still hasn't left me.

Now, a week ago, when I felt that all my bad times were over and was confident enough to convince a reluctant Harish to give up his wicket-keeping post back to me, Vinod, who we all affectionately know as Aavi_wall, bowled a sharp delivery, which the batsman completely missed. I placed my hand at the right place, but my thumb was a touch reluctant in getting out of the path of the bullet. What resulted was a wounded thumb, which I am even unable to use even for signing my autograph.

In retrospect, I think I should have gone for my other Here, you either survive or you dont. There is no in-between and there is no pain involved.

Yours injuredly,

P.S. : What is your opinion about the subject?


vinod kumar said...

Ha ha. This is why all are afraid to play my ball. You see i am like that only. If i step into the gtround then i forget everything and think about cricket only. I lose my nerves a lot.

I never wanted to do something which will make me to lose my nerves. But cricket has the exact and opposite result on me.

Anyway, Hariharan reckons that you should send this article to THE HINDU or some other news paper. He is now sitting right besides me.

Mahesh said...

dei sundar u can get urself cured.U live in an area which have great doctors like chandrika palani and kolappa pillai.U must not stop with two fingers and an ankle.Meet these doctors and GET MORE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very funny

navneeth said...


Marc Z said...

What about the constant injury to our brain from the damn B.E. course?

I've tore an ankle ligament once and had a 6-month swollen finger so I know how it feels.

Ram_Mam said...

Well.. those who can play, play .. others become "expert commentator".. look at Ravi Shastry.. if he can get away with it, you sure can too !

Sundar said...

Nice one... Ravi Shastri...Expert Commentator