Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Fingers and an Ankle

My last post made a reference to two fingers and an ankle. It has been interesting to discover certain parallels in history.

Achilles was born to Peleus, the king of Myrmidons in Phthia and his wife, the sea-nymph, Thetis. When he was born, his mother tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the river Styx. However, the holy water did not touch his ankle, where his mother held him with her index and middle finger. Hence, Achilles weak spot was his heel. In the Trojan war, his rival Hector kills him with an arrow directed at his one weak spot. How he managed to aim an arrow at the heel of an opponent who was running at Olympic Record Speeds is a different story altogether. So much for the ankle. What about the two fingers? Achilles' mother Thetis became a prolific writer and a much in-demand journalist, who is said to be one of the forerunners of investigative journalism. Where did she get this ability to write well from? From the strength her fingers received from dipping a baby in a river.

Well, I made most of the last parts of the story myself. Homer never makes any reference to the strength Thetis might have received from dipping her fingers into a river.

I have never read Illiad or Odyssey or Landmark or whatever. This are all one hundred percent courtesy Wikipedia.

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