Monday, May 08, 2006

Yet Another Amusement Park

I created a world record by visiting two amusement parks within two weeks, one before the practical exams and one after the practicals. This time my family and I went to the VGP so called "Universal Kingdom", in the new Mercedes S-Class err... Make that Maruti Zen my dad had bought recently.

The main reason was to watch the Indiana Jones play that was being put up. We reached there and found that the entry fee was relatively cheap -Rs. 120/-. Later we found that we could do virtually nothing by paying only the entry fee for the default rides all tended to be silly little merry-go-rounds. All the somewhat better rides costed money. It is amazing how these people come up with rides that do not go upside-down even once, and yet manage to christen it a roller coaster, which was the first ride. Well, if you'd coaxed Mr. Bean to take the ride, he would have been so bored he probably would have gone into coma stage. I myself felt sleepy to some extent! We came out and also payed to get our photo as testimony to the fact that we'd had gone on the most boring ride on earth and come out alive.

The second ride we went to actually went upside down. It was dramatically called "The Mixer". On first sight people remark that the name is quite apt as it had the potential to mix the contents of your stomach beyond imagination. However the thing that really churns peoples stomachs is the price of the ride. My brother and I strapped ourselves to it, and the safety lock came down on my thigh with vengeance, cutting off the blood supply to my feet. The thing started rotating, pretty slowly, and after sometime went upside down. I quite enjoyed it, but part of the sensation was nullified by my numb feet. The ride did not rely on centrifugal force to keep you up during the overhead rotation, but rather on the state of the art locking facilities, putting peoples' weights on their thighs. When the ride got over, I regretted having not come in with the next set of people.

Now it was time for the Indiana Jones show. When we reached the spot, we found that the show had long since started and was working its way to the end. We were just in time to see Indy save the damsel in distress and break whatever suspense was there in the show. We decided the whole amusement park was a waste of time and decided to wait at the open-air-theatre itself till the next show, an hour and half later. The show starts with the heroine's helper betraying her and deciding to kill her for the coveted medallion she wore that would let him walk about the temple of Callipha without awakening the temple's resident monster. The hero, our Indy, swings down to rescue her (he swung too far away and landed beyond the ropes just in front of the spectators). Just when the onstage chemistry between the hero and the heroine is getting established, the omnipresent Nazis arrive with the intention of using the temple's secret powers with the view of establishing military superiority. How the temple was supposed to be secret escaped me, what with a regular procession of people chancing upon it every day. The heroine's helper turned out to be an accomplice of the Nazis. The temple's monster gets aroused -A mammoth of a man enacts this monster. It abducts the heroine. The Nazis and the hero have a great gun fight, and one Nazi dies when he goes up in flames when a grenade explodes near him. This was really well done, and he dances about for sometime with his back on fire and then falls into a concealed tank of water behind the set. The hero and the monster fight on top of the temple, the hero slays the monster, which immediately falls three stories to the ground (onto a mattress). The temple starts to self destruct and the hero and heroine are able to get away at the nick of the moment, having to abandon a noble sword. The story is quite predictable, but the stunts were astounding. The timing was still better. Early on, Indy saves the heroine from certain death by calling out to her. She stops and turns just in time to avoid being cut in half by a sword that rises from the floor. The sound was very well co-coordinated with the on-stage events. We shook hands with the performers, who seemed sincerely happy to hear people's compliments.

The other rides were all awesomely boring. I even managed to yawn on the tora tora. A couple of girls were screaming when they reached the top of...guess -The giant wheel. They however were silenced when a man waved at them from the top of a nearby cell-phone tower.

I have vowed to never again visit a theme park. Hope it lasts two months.

Yours boredly,