Monday, March 26, 2007

Trick or treat.

Sunday, the 18th of March was not a special day in any way. The sun rose up in the east, I slept late and my PC crashed. It had all the characteristics of a perfectly ordinary day. The only special thing was that I was supposed to treat my classmates for some reason. Well, they had asked, and being the magnanimous person that I am, I decided to. I started off from home and ended up at Raja's house an hour or so later after a journey by T51 feeling completely rotten (In case you didnt know what a T51 is, you'd better not know). Arun got me a lift from Thiruvanmiyur, and so it was Naveen, Navneeth, Praveen, Prashanth, Arun, Raja and me who were to go out. We had four two-wheelers between us. Arun's Nova, which he affectionately calls his girlfriend. He goes on and on about his exploits on it, and drives an inordinate amount of time on it doing God-knows-what. People however tend to privately confess that they feel it is a failure model. Navneeth came on his Scooty, a battered crying-for-mercy vehicle that always leaves a trail of spare parts on the road when you drive it, which I carefully avoided. Naveen and Praveen had vehicles in good condition, and so off we went to Adyar Ananda Bhavan.

Everyone except Praveen had starved themselves like hell and were ravenous as wolves. Praveen had made the huge blunder of stuffing himself with chicken at home and was pretty annoyed about it. Prashanth and Arun ordered something and started eating. Raja started off with his favourites, but later was found digging into adjacent plates. Naveen took a long time in deciding a type of food that didnt contain any of the substances he suppossedly was forbidden from eating. I of course pointed at the menu at random, as I was nonplussed as usual with all these chat items on offer, and ended up eating kachoris of some sort. We were making fools of ourselves in general, when along came Arun's uncle. Arun, breaking the conventional tradition of freezing on the spot when one spots one's relative while in the process of dipping one's hands into curd and squeezing them all over Raja's hair, went straight up to him, shook hands, curd and all, and embarked on a long discussion on the mileage his bike was giving. Then he went off to pat, hug, kiss and do God-knows-what with his uncle's dog. When he returned, his hands were quite clean I noticed.

Next, we set off to some place called "Fruitshop on Greams Road". This turned out to be a posh juice shop. I have never been to such places before, and was quite amazed by the number of people willing to pay exhorbitant amounts to have a glass of tasteless liquid. Well, I prefer Surya Cool Drinks, a shop a couple of streets away from my place where you could treat seven people comfortably with the amount you were expected to tip at this Greams road place. Anyway, we had come in, and sat around a corner table with much difficulty and dragging of chairs from adjacent tables. An oriental looking couple were dating in the corner and I had a tough time taking my eyes off the girl. So did Arun. So did Prashanth. So did Naveen. So did Navneeth. So did Praveen. So did not Raja. He was too obssessed with his drink to have noticed. He however looked in the general direction a couple of times, but I distinctly got the feeling he was looking at the guy. Of course there might be a perfectly logical explaination for that. Only it seems to have escaped my mind.

The next place we went off to was the beach. Arun managed to get one of Raja's sandals off his feet, and we spent a few minutes playing football with it, the only obstacle to our enjoyment being Raja himself, what with his chasing the ball everywhere and picking it up. We walked down to the water, when suddenly everyone started lifting each other up and posing for the photos. I managed to make myself scarce. Raja managed to lift Arun and posed for the camera. Problem was, Naveen was fumbling around with his camera and Raja couldnt take the strain any longer and let him down. Thus we ended up having no photos of a truely amazing spectacle. Arun picked Praveen up from the ground with ease, posed long enough while Naveen searched for the button and snapped a picture, and promptly dropped him three feet to the ground with a dull thud. Praveen spent the rest of the evening limping around cursing at every female in sight.

We spent some time checking out the girl in blue and the girl with the cute hairstyle when Raja said he wanted to have some Bajjis. So we had some bajjis, confused the vendor with our warped mathematics, paid in 100 Rupee notes, that had him cursing, and came out to Navneeth's house with night having long fallen. There we sang a happy birthday for Aparna, Navneeth's love interest so loudly that his parents came out to see what had happened and asked Navneeth who Aparna was. And so we left Navneeth fuming and dropped Raja back at his home. Naveen and Prashanth said bye and took off full speed homeward bound. Arun, Praveen and I went to the Reliance Grocery store, where Arun and Praveen extended their support to Team India's cause at the world cup by buying an India T-Shirt each. Needless to say, the next day Sri Lanka thrashed India by around a hundred runs a couple of days later.

Arun dropped me off at Thiruvanmiyur and zoomed away. I arrived home at 10 in the night feeling exhausted. I had missed a quiz Mahesh was going to host informally at Krishna's house.

Yours Not So Fruitfully,


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life's Boring!

Every symposium that I have attended has had the following characteristics:

1. Registration, which is completely unnecessary.

2. Distribution of folders, which is completely unnecessary.

3. Girl students turning up in saris, which is completely unnecessary.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music played during inauguration, which is completely unnecessary.

This semester so far, I have participated in many symposiums conducted at many places, including College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras Institute of technology, SRM Valliammai, SSN, Hexaware, and Infosys.

I have had many bad experiences in these symposia. I started off wanting to write about these bad experiences, but I am not in the mood just now. What I am driving at here is that I have resolved not to participate in any symposia anymore. By the way, Vinod got his college the rolling shield at Jerusalem college of Engg. He went onstage to receive the prize along with a couple of people we’d decided to call “Made for each other”, and were rolling around in laughter. Raja Deepak is absolutely pissed off with me (Brilliant!). I invited him to SSN to participate in a quiz with me. I however ended up being a team mate of a couple of other guys. Raja couldn’t just take it. He spent the whole day grumbling around about on how he would have rather spent the day in college. He prefers being in college, constantly being accused of being a __________. Strange fellow indeed!

Well, symposia would be a lot better if they would just avoid doing all the four points I have mentioned above. Of course, Point 3 is exempted in certain cases, but that depends on a lot of factors.

Oh yes, Hexaware and Infosys conducted competitions too. They gave the winners employment at their sweatshops. I was selected by Infosys. It was a piece of cake really. The HR manager didn’t even ask me for my resume!

Well, that is that. For more detailed round-ups, call me. Yours Symposially,