Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life's Boring!

Every symposium that I have attended has had the following characteristics:

1. Registration, which is completely unnecessary.

2. Distribution of folders, which is completely unnecessary.

3. Girl students turning up in saris, which is completely unnecessary.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music played during inauguration, which is completely unnecessary.

This semester so far, I have participated in many symposiums conducted at many places, including College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras Institute of technology, SRM Valliammai, SSN, Hexaware, and Infosys.

I have had many bad experiences in these symposia. I started off wanting to write about these bad experiences, but I am not in the mood just now. What I am driving at here is that I have resolved not to participate in any symposia anymore. By the way, Vinod got his college the rolling shield at Jerusalem college of Engg. He went onstage to receive the prize along with a couple of people we’d decided to call “Made for each other”, and were rolling around in laughter. Raja Deepak is absolutely pissed off with me (Brilliant!). I invited him to SSN to participate in a quiz with me. I however ended up being a team mate of a couple of other guys. Raja couldn’t just take it. He spent the whole day grumbling around about on how he would have rather spent the day in college. He prefers being in college, constantly being accused of being a __________. Strange fellow indeed!

Well, symposia would be a lot better if they would just avoid doing all the four points I have mentioned above. Of course, Point 3 is exempted in certain cases, but that depends on a lot of factors.

Oh yes, Hexaware and Infosys conducted competitions too. They gave the winners employment at their sweatshops. I was selected by Infosys. It was a piece of cake really. The HR manager didn’t even ask me for my resume!

Well, that is that. For more detailed round-ups, call me. Yours Symposially,




Marc said...

Indar has updated his blog! All hail the Infoscum!

bragey said...

good post.. but looks like a remake of one of your older posts :) and when i went to infosys symposium there were no girls in sarees

Sundar said...

@ MArc
I hope you die a gruesome death.

@ Bragey

I see.. the HR interviewer was in a sari. :D

TD5M4PP3R said...

Good post..

Yeah.. Registration is totally un-necessary. See what happened at Jerusalem.

And.. folders are nice da. Im able to take my assignments to college without crushing the paper :p

George said...

Hey! Saris are awesome! They are never unnecessary and must be supported at any cost. More saris! Factors can go to hell. Saris are a positive modifier on anyone, well nearly, okay, there are factors.

"Yeah.. Registration is totally un-necessary. See what happened at Jerusalem."
That was very profound.

George said...

And, umm, happy birthday?

Mahesh said...

Sundar.....cha....Indar.. this is the only post in which i understood all the words...appada!!

vinod kumar said...

Not the one i expected from you INDAR... This post is not up to your mark....