Monday, June 04, 2007

I am great, no?

Vijay Krishnan: no.. u arent...
Sundararajan Iyengar: Well...
Sundararajan Iyengar: wht can I say
Vijay Krishnan: u can say nothing...
Sundararajan Iyengar: What is the opposite of God?
Vijay Krishnan: nogod..
Sundararajan Iyengar: what is nogod?
Vijay Krishnan: ok..
Vijay Krishnan: opposite of god is evil...
Vijay Krishnan: cos god is good..
Vijay Krishnan: evil is bad...
Vijay Krishnan: good opposite is bad..
Vijay Krishnan: got it??
Sundararajan Iyengar: exactly. Thats why I am God.
Sundararajan Iyengar: Get it?
Vijay Krishnan: ur good.. u may be god but defnitely not great!!
Sundararajan Iyengar: Well, you wont get it at all da... You need to be God to get it
Vijay Krishnan: dei...
Vijay Krishnan: anbe sivam paathiya saturday???
Sundararajan Iyengar: I am a great God.
Sundararajan Iyengar: Heck that was a film directed by mere mortals.
Vijay Krishnan: being raja deepak's frnd doesnt make u gr8!!
Sundararajan Iyengar: I have known of the film always
Sundararajan Iyengar: Raja Deepak is god too in a way
Vijay Krishnan: excuse me!!
Vijay Krishnan: Is it sundar on the other end???
Sundararajan Iyengar: it might be.
Vijay Krishnan: i thought so..
Sundararajan Iyengar: My memory states my name has akways been Sundar
Vijay Krishnan: i shd hav known...
Vijay Krishnan: tht ur not a god but a dog...
Vijay Krishnan: becos dog is also a god..
Vijay Krishnan: okva??
Sundararajan Iyengar: but how do I know my memory isnt a factitious account to make up for the discrepancies between past and the present?
Vijay Krishnan: okay..
Vijay Krishnan: got it..
Vijay Krishnan: its indeed sundar...
Sundararajan Iyengar: way to go.


ViJaY said...

u dint add 2 more onversations da... Actually, scientifically, it was proven tht u were sundar by the nonchalant use of the words discrepancies and factitious and i think raja deepak is the only soul who uses these words apart frm u... Adhennavo ellarkume raja deepaka kalaaikanumne thonudhu da..

TD5M4PP3R said...

such posts make me forget that the other posts are excellent

Sundar said...

Sorry about that, I didnt manage to select that text. Sheesh, I am so poor at pointing and clicking.

@ tdsmapper

Marc said...


nilesh747 said...

such a nice post!

Sundar said...

what is your opinion about the subject?

Nice post? This? You are really great fellow.

navneeth said...

if ur god iam the king of the universe