Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What say you?

By my deep philosophical excursions, I have found that nature, or the universe, does not go about its usual business of increasing the entropy of itself in a brute-force fashion. Rather, it goes about this in a highly intelligent manner. The universe seems to have realized that in the long run it could increase its entropy better by restraining small packets, or volumes of itself, from decaying themselves into states of higher entropy. These small packets of retarded entropy incrementation then try to bring about a comprehensive deceleration in the entropy accretion of its surrounding matter, but fail miserably, and end up being counter productive, and actually increase the entropy of all immediately surrounding matter. This inadvertent increase in the entropy of the immediate surrounding universe has empirically shown to be more in magnitude than that would have been achieved by a brute-force technique without involving small packets of restrained entropy incrementation. These small packets, by generic parlance, are called human beings.



Marc said...

Get some sleep.

navneeth said...

yes u have completelylost what u had left of(ur brain)

bragey said...

hm.. GRE round the corner.. understandable.