Friday, November 16, 2007


Smorty is an online service that tries to bridge the gap between advertisers and bloggers who are willing to write reviews of the advertisers' products for payment. This is a good technique to use your blog for money. All you have to do is to review advertisers' products, services, or website, or whatever, and provide links back to their site. How many of us get to earn doing what we enjoy? Get paid to blog!

Blog advertising is now being seen as the next new means of reaching out to the masses, especially since the popularity of opinionated blogs on the internet has risen rapidly. Advertise on blogs if you want your new start-up to get known and achieve quick brand recognition. Blog advertising is not only cheaper and reaches a wider audience than conventional means, it is also an effective feedback technique, as blogs are the first places where products' reviews will get posted and advertisers can always keep track of this to get to know what is being talked about their product.

Smorty is not only an advertisers' haven, but also a resource for bloggers who would like to get paid for blogging. Friends, blog away!


Mahesh said... that so? Thanks for the information sundar....the man who said y make blog dirty with sponsored reviews!

Sundar said...

I know, but no one seems to visit my blog anyway... so why not try and make some money?

RAM said...

dont worry sundar !!!!you are the one who introduced blogs to everybody

TD5M4PP3R said...

Better not write such shit da.. your blog sucks now