Saturday, December 22, 2007

Boat Angel

Boat Angel is an organisation that works towards providing charity to those who need it in a very unique way. What you have to do is to donate boat. Yes. Donate your boat. It can be in any condition, and they make a serious effort towards picking it up without any hassles to you. They are serious about their charity work, and know that charitable people in this world are few and far in between and so they no enough to treat them with respect. Angel Ministries tries to change the world through innovative partnerships and vehicle processing. It works really simple. All you have to do is to call their toll free number or fill out a form online. They make out a receipt and send it to you via email, and also send a disposable camera so that you can snap pictures of your boat and send it back to them. Then they list it at and if your boat does not sell within six to eight business days, they pay to have your boat stored! You even get to chose the charity you wish to be served by the proceeds from the sale of your boat. They also have created a set of Children's Animation DVDS that they distribute absolutely free of charge, shipping included. So, if you wake up at night with an impulse thinking, "I must donate my boat, I really am not a good sailor", you know where to look.

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