Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a tough game

I've been going to tennis class for the past three weeks. And have made absolutely no headway. I can play the rally and the volley with some semblance of competence, but when it comes to receiving a fast serve, I come up a cropper. This is because when playing otherwise, the ball bounces and sort of sits up to be hit and all you have to do is to sprint and position yourself and roll the racket over the ball. Running is not a problem. Run Forrest, run! is the sort of running that I do. However, when it comes to receiving a serve, the ball sort of tends to skid on towards you. The exact sort of delivery that you'd love to receive while opening the batting. This however, is not cricket, but a far more profound game with much deeper ramifications. For a change, it is nice to play a game without having to dress up like an astronaut. Cricket still is my favourite game, but it does have it's limitations. I must learn to control the ball and place it over the net when receiving the serve. And also learn to stop charging towards the net at the start of the serve. It does you no good, especially if you don't want to be carried away on a stretcher.

Um, I've so far been avoiding the subject of the actual service. No one knows how to make the perfect serve. In fact no one knows what the perfect serve in the first place really is! People are divided in their opinion. Perfectly sane people make completely insane remarks when asked to describe the perfect serve. Why, my own good friend Raja Deepak once launched into deep reminiscences about tackling a thrashing alligator in the course of serving an ace.

In essence, it is simple. You throw the ball up, hit it as hard as you can, score the point, walk over to the other corner and serve again till you get the game. However, when our coach first started explaining the dynamics behind the serve, most people left the court as a quivering mass of transparent green jelly. I mean, who can all at once stand with the feet spread apart so that it traces the top and bottom strokes of the number 1 (Who knew it had so many strokes in the first place?), hold the ball lightly in your non-throwing arm, bring it around in a semi-circle, throw it straight up so that you can point at it with your left hand, throw your shoulder backwards, ensure the ball travels at least above the height of the tip of your racket held straight up while standing upright, wait for the ball to come down, and then smack it hard, aiming at that small piece of real-estate so far away? In any case, my coach reckons we'd be good to go if we can put in 5 out of every ten serves because we're allowed two attempts to get each serve right. I can only do three or four at the most.

I've realised a lot also depends on who you are playing the game with. You don't want to play with copper mandaiyan because all he does is to make desperate attempts to take out his own eye. It does absolutely no good for your game. You should also avoid playing with the huge guy with tattooed arms not because he is a great player, but because he has the tendency to hit the ball out of the court and into the marshes, and given that the muscular tattooed ones have the tendency to boss over the puny, non-muscular, un-tattooed ones, you know on whom the onus of retrieving the astray ball falls.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Rash!

Sunday, October 12, 2008. My dad and his friend were barreling down GST road at above a 100 kmph in a Toyota corolla. In an attempt to overtake a slow vehicle, my dad's friend cut to the right a bit to change lanes. But the problem was that it'd been raining for a bit, and the front right wheel skid on the water, locked up, and veered down the road and into a ditch. It then proceeded on a rendezvous with a fallen tree, which it met head on.

The car now went through a short period of self doubt as to whether to keep the rubber side downwards or not, and consequently did a triple somersault and ultimately did end up right way up.

My dad and his friend both opened the doors and walked out. My dad came home with a stiff neck, and his friend scraped his fingers on bramble while getting out. That was the extent of their injuries.

The seat-belts saved them. The air-bags, however, failed to deploy. The car's body was damaged beyond recognition. However, internally, the only damage was to the air-conditioning. Someone managed to actually drive the car back to Chennai. My dad got a few photos of the car on his camera mobile.

Both my dad and his friend agree that the process of filing an FIR was more traumatic than the actual accident.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Nice. She tells me 4 whole days after the incident. Very nice.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hi. After some 18 years in existence (going by my blog's post dates :) ), two years actually, my blog at last reached a hit count of 10000. Of course, if you were to discount all the hits that I myself gave it, it'd be hard pressed to cross 3. And one of them was forced by me, so I have a statistical readership of exactly two people. Great! Yippee!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Technology always increases in leaps and bounds!

Yeah, it does. Increase in leaps and bounds. New stuff are always on the way out! I mean, all these years I had heard of earphones. You could listen to music through them everyone said. That was fantastic. But now, suddenly, everyone's started talking about an eyephone! They say eyephone three-g! Now what is that? Some form of street cricket? I mean, when you hit the ball at the leg side wall, you were granted two runs. That was called two-g. Now you have this three-g that you score using an eyephone! So, talking about this eyephone, what does it do? Given that the earphone played sounds into your ear, the eyephone must do what? Flash lights into your eye or something? Help you look without spectacles? Display maps of the areas you are in? Scroll news? Flash addresses and telephone numbers of members of the opposite sex? Possible that all this and more can be done! Technology really is increasing in leaps and bounds no? After all, till a few years ago, you could only write with pens. These days everyone seems to be going on about how beautifully their pen drives!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The door-bell rings...

As the title suggested, the door bell rang. The compound gate had earlier creaked open and I knew people were coming in. But then I was hoping that they'd go right around the side of the house to visit the tenants that lived upstairs. But then the doorbell rang here, logic dictated that they were guests for us. I drearily raise myself from somewhere in the deep recesses of the sofa that from ages of having people plonk themselves on it ended up having deep recesses in the first place.

You open the door to find a twice removed cousin and his family grinning at you. Forcing the muscles of your face into a semblance of a smile, you beckon them in with words of (what you hope are) welcome. You frantically phone your mom who has gone out to gossip with the local maamis about the price of the potato and tell her to rush back home ASAP. Then you wade through a stream of curses to wake up your dad, who once awake, gets the point soon enough and rushes out to greet them.

In such encounters, it is advisable to always leave the TV on. However, the volume is turned down to a ultra-low level so as to not disturb the conversation, which proceeds like so:
"So, you are a mechanical engineer now? Why didn't you take Computer Science or IT, which has better scope?"
"I am a Computer Science Engineer (technically of course)".
"You must be hunting for a job now I suppose".
"No, I already got one. Am waiting for their call".
"Oh Software company ah?"
"Very good", says the wife.
"Software is an unstable job. These days they fire without reason. It will all end in a few years, why did you take computer science?", says the husband.
I smile, but I am internally banging my head.

Experts in the art of small talk all expound on the importance of the muted TV. When the conversation becomes too tough to maintain, you gracefully withdraw yourself from it and abstractedly gaze at the TV screen. You pretend you have a mild interest in watching Federer thrash some player whose name is full of adjacent Ds, Js, Ys, Ks, and an apostrophe thrown in for good measure. Imagine going around with an apostrophe in your name. Anyway, you gracefully watch the tennis match on the screen and let others develop the conversation.

However, you soon realize your opinion is expected because conversation has swung around to the tennis match. Too many people have withdrawn 'gracefully' from the lead converser's extempore on the political situation in Zimbabwe. Not to be outdone, he swings matters from Robert Mugabe to Mahesh Bhupathi in the same breath and asks me about whether so-and-so seeded so-and-so will make a wild card entry to so-and-so round in the so-and-yawn. You realize you need to say something to avoid embarrassing yourself, because you've been so graceful in withdrawing from the conversation that everyone's assumed you're an ardent fan of lawn tennis. I start to mumble something about so-and-so's back-hand not coming good about which I thought I heard someone say... Federer serves a particularly vicious ace to which the apostrophe exhibits all the reactions of a cement pillar. You take the opportunity to look at the screen and let your answer trail into thinness.

The man then jumps through a warp hole from Wimbledon to whether the 3G system for mobile phones will get implemented in India or not. You look up in surprise. Thank god you listened to pilpa expound on 3G when she did. For the first time conversing about a known subject, you realize the guy's barking his head off. You go on to say a bit about mobile phone portability and everyone looks at you with wonder. Wow, this boy knows so much they think.

Federer wins the match to accompanying celebrations and the conversation swings back to tennis. Wanting to grab back the he-knows-a-lot position from me, he asks me a strategic question designed to put wonder into people's minds. "Do you know when the final of Wimbledon is held?"
"It is held after all the other matches are over", I reply.
With a you-can't-get-away-with-that-young-man smirk, he asks, "No, tell me what date is the final held on?"
Put off, I say I don't know. Who the hell knows what date the coming Sunday is?
With a triumphant smile he announces that all Wimbledon matches are held on July 7th. "Always! He cries with a thump on the table for effect. That is the culture of Wimbledon. The final is always held on the 7th of July regardless of whatever happens in the other matches!". He sits back with a triumphant smile. I don't have the heart to tell him that Wimbledon is always scheduled to end on the first Sunday of July.

Small talk having been completed to heart's content, the true purpose of the visit reveals itself. After a little few No, no, not at all neededs and Please, please, you shouldn't say nos and some secretive husband-wife gesturings (among both parties), the process ends. Everyone is relieved and they drink up their now cold coffee. Having no further need to make small talk, the visitors decide to bid farewell. The bread-winner kick-starts the bike, and the sincere wife gets on behind him. The three-year-old son gets in front of his dad, proudly holding one of my (or my brother's) old abandoned toys. With one last snippet about the political situation in west bank, they speed off.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Zenni Opticals

I wear spectacles. Very often, I find that I am unable to find the exact frame, or size or specification for the glasses that I think will suit my face-cut. So, I wondered if there was any online website that would help me out in ordering the best choice from home, and wonder of wonders, there is a website! is a website that does precisely this.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Memory Deal

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Economics and Economists

Arun M: Where does the bloody money in the world come from? Trade?.. ..What is the source of all money?

Prashanth: Countries like India have a fiscal deficit, wherein the value of internal reform measures goes over the total income. In that case, some kind of cess has to be established.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gandhi the IT Professional

Have you heard of the Hogwarts Express? You probably have read about it. But have you heard about the Infy Express? Now you will.

I went to send off Vinod who was going to join Infosys at Mysore for work last night. Along with me came seven other people. Nice show of friendship and solidarity that seven people go to send off one bugger, I thought. As things turned out, most of the people who were going on that train were to go to Infosys. The whole platform was a swarming mass of young people smiling, giggling, guffawing, slapping each other on the backs, introducing parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, twice removed cousins, and couples retreating into shadowy corners. Vinod being the popular person that he is, drew a large crowd of people (mostly female) from his college, and everyone was vying to get his attention. I also saw Marc, who was supposed to go, but wasn't, Karthik, who didn't want to go, but was, and a few other people who wanted to go, and were.

After the name lists were put up, we saw much to our amusement and Vinod's enthusiasm that his seat was surrounded by a gang of young girls. It was squashed however, when it turned out to be a large family, one of whom called to her brother and said, "Bhayya, ek ladka..". Then someone told someone else something, to which someone else responded with something else, and ran away. Ah, such are the vagaries in the course of life. We went up and down the compartments looking around, and Vinod V.N nearly fell over one female who was bending over, and later regretted actually not falling. Bunch of perverts hitting on females.

When the train started, everyone screamed their heads off, and Vinod leaned out of the train and waved and smiled in an awesome imitation of Gandhi embarking on one of his satyagrahas (or whatever). And then, we went back home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Nothing has happened in the past few days. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nil. Nothing, except for the fact that I went and dropped a cup of coffee all over my brand new copy of Inheritance of Loss, which I had shelled out hard earned money to get. Ah, damn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Now that there is the new Indiana Jones movie out and everyone is raving about the brilliant performance of 64 year old Harrison Ford, I thought I might watch the older Indiana Jones films first. I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark already, and I caught up with Temple of Doom just now.

As usual Harrison Ford was brilliant. Also good were the heroine (Kate Capshaw) and Shorty, the kid (Jonathan Ke Quan). And Amrish Puri was spectacular too. In his introduction he was wearing a piece of massive head-gear and was unrecognizable, but in later scenes when he removes it, I realized who it was.

The whole film is set in India, and for most part talks about Hindu religious rituals. Of course, they got it all wrong, but then it's only a movie. Don't watch it if you are a Hindu and are offended by portrayals of your religion *yawn* in the wrong sense.

And the movie came out in 1984. So don't expect stunts matching Die Hard 4.0 or something. They are bound to be a little silly looking in this age of high class CG. A good movie, but somehow I thought I liked the previous one better.

Do watch. Tata.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Season's Greetings

I went to college yesterday to get the course completion certificate. Of course, I got Raja to give me company. Typically, we had to get through layers of bureaucratic red-tape, and were delayed for three hours and ended up sitting on the stone benches under the trees. We found Arun there, who was trying to find a marksheet which was lost by our department.

The stone benches below the trees were our favourite haunts in college. Especially the first couple of ones when you come into college, go left, and take the first right. This is because these stone benches afford an uninterrupted view of the both the routes that one might take to the canteen and the mess, the way to the first-year block, the CSE classrooms, the ECE classrooms, the EEE classrooms, and was suitably hidden from anyone moving around the principal's office, the vice principal's office, and anyone important coming and going. Moreover, it afforded an excellent breeze, and one would always encounter a cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

Having spent the majority of college-hours on these benches and ogling at all female passersby (Praveen and Raja Deepak whistling and catcalling shamelessly) the stone bench became an irrevocable part of our lives. Sitting there now, we suddenly realised this might possibly be the last time we were sitting there, and we were suddenly gripped by a slight emotion. We were never going to sit there again! I never thought I would feel emotions of separation on leaving college, but here I was, almost feeling sad. Raja Deepak of course noticed none of this, and soon was stretched out fast asleep. Ah well, turns out there is one aspect of my college that I really am going to miss.

One a side note, Vinod and Marc from AIHT got their call letters from Infosys. They've got to join on June 23. Looks like I might get them soon too. This is way too early! I want more holidays. Don't call me before Independence Day this year! And jeez, looks like I'll be adding a new label called 'work' starting this post. My God! I am going to work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Take

A lot has been said about the dress (or lack of it) of the cheerleaders of various teams in the IPL, but here's my take on the whole issue.

I personally think these cheerleaders are some of the most fittest women around. (I arrived at this decision after careful observation of course :D ). Our women should take a leaf out their books and exercise. This will reduce chances of osteoporosis and other related diseases later in life.

One doesn't want to end up dependent on calcium sandoz.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The End is Near

Engineering is almost over. I only have 1 exam left, and a whole 20 days between now and then. I know that the whole 20 days are going to hurry past in a blurred frenzy of frenetic cricket, movie watching, and orkut-profile-surfing. So I thought I might as well make use of the time I had better use to study to blog about some of the things that happened in Engineering.

It all began with the announcement of the twelfth standard results. I was pretty happy with my score, but my mum and dad weren't impressed (A rather not unforeseen situation given that my total was a whole digit lesser than some of my friends). Anyway, we decided to start applying to colleges around the country. (It was at this time that my vague dreams of opening the batting for India at Lords', or becoming a fighter pilot, or becoming one of those black-suited gun waving womanizing secret agents you see so much of in the movies went phut). We ended up applying to a whole lot of colleges, and I ended up joining in the only college that bothered to reply. Anyway, having no idea what I wanted to do in life, I went and took up an engineering course in computer science because I had always 'liked' computers. The admission process was funny. The supremo looked up and down my application, my marksheet, and my (for the fast and last time) neatly polished shoes and said I was in.

And so it came to pass that on September 27, 2004, that I got into my college bus without a clue as to what lay in store. The day went by uneventfully, what with everyone making friends with everyone else (a few making enemies with everyone as well), and I went and got into the college bus that evening. Now, being a thin bespectacled runt runs the natural risk of attracting bullies, and before you could spell Gaston Leroux I was surrounded by no less than 14 seniors. Before long, I found myself happily gunning down passersby, driving scooters and pole dancing with the rest of my batchmates. After sometime, a big hulking final year decided that I'd done enough of the 'light' stuff, and called me in or personal questioning, and everyone (including 1st years) crowded around. Now since most of the questions tended to involve the sexual practices of the average human being, I wasn't taken out of my comfort zone too much. ;) Little did I realize at that time that I'd end up making some of my best friends among those seniors. It was also on the first day of college that I met one Mr. A. Raja Deepak, who immediately regaled me with a story of how he'd just seen his dream girl on the bus that morning (Little knowing he'd not progress one step ahead in the ensuing four years).

First half of first year went in a blurry haze, what with my grand-dad dying halfway through it, and me getting bad marks in all the exams that I'd done well in, and vice versa. The later part of the first year also went in a haze, of which I remember nothing except that I must have read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at least 42 times. Oh, and there was the tsunami too, that left everyone spell-bound.

Second year came, and with it, new found light-headedness. We went to a few symposiums (Raja would disappear behind some foliage with some female as soon as we set foot in a college) and we'd happily fool around. I ended up gradually bubbling up to the last bench of class where people would be pursuing a plethora of activities (ranging from reading books to playing TT. Yes Table Tennis). The down-side was that we'd be called to the HOD's office every now and then. Fourth semester was the most boring.

Third year, and we were seasoned warriors now. A few of us decided we'd had enough of attending college and we started attending every symposium in town (There are 250 Engineering colleges in TN, so not a tough ask) and I found that I always had a little luck when it came to quiz competitions (especially when it came to usurping Krishna's team when qualifying) and I won a few prizes for that. Having gone off to attend so many symposiums, my attendance was somewhere in the low forties and at the end of 5th and 6th semesters I spent many long hours haggling with the HOD for attendance. I also seriously considered (still am considering) asking out Raja's 'dream girl' because he didn't seem to want to do anything about it. We went on a tour too. It went in a different sort of haze. Oh, and I got a job offer too.

Final year came, and we were war veterans. Went on another tour, which was hazier still. There was a symposium which our department conducted, towards which I channeled none of my energies. Seventh semester went in a blink of an eye, and eighth semester came, and with it a new HOD. He ended up being my project guide too! I must not have gone to class more than ten days in the eighth semester. Then suddenly project review happened, and we barked our heads off. Then exams were on us, and we barked our heads off even more in the answer sheets. Anna University am sure, will bark their heads off while posting results. And I bark my head of in my blog.

Edit: All exams over. This was typed quite a few days ago.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Of Hooligans and Gentlemen

I was looking at Harish's orkut profile and was surprised to see a photo proclaiming the glories of Man U. Now, that surprised me. I didn't know Harish followed football. Coming to think of it, a lot of people seem to follow football. It's OK if it was international football, but to the best of my understanding, these are clubs representing individual cities, so, what's the big deal? Do you follow Ranji Trophy?

To be fair though, I'll concede it's individual taste, and its up to you what you follow. I suppose it's only my bad memories involving sports at school that blocks me from watching sports like football. People always eagerly awaited sports hour. So did I, initially. But then our sports master always seemed to want us to play football, or basketball, or if he was in a really bad mood, kabbadi. Now, being the muscle-man that I am, I always cringed at being asked to play these sports, because it invariably ended up in me lying sprawled on the ground. It was either that, or Drill, which everyone despised. So, one had no other go, but to grin and bear the travails of the not-so-endearing sport.

So, he would blow the whistle, and I'd try not to appear like I wanted to cross the border. The two most hulking brutes of the class would slap each other's hands in an ardent endeavour of choosing the best players for themselves (no prizes for guessing who got chosen last) and we'd enter the field. It was in these occasions, that I'd display some remarkable athleticism and make a bee-line for the goal posts and become the goal-keeper, little knowing that it was the worst place one would want to be in. I'd stand around watching, because the ball mostly stayed in the mid-field (or rather, the surrounding gutters) and never came within ear-shot of the goal posts. However, one of our defenders would chose the exact wrong moment to miss a lolly-pop pass and suddenly I'd have three huge mountainous fellows charging towards me. My team mates would shout "Charge!", while my heart would scream, "Run!" from somewhere near my belly-button. I'd bravely plough in anyway, and be ruthlessly steamrollered over, and, I'd be searching for my spectacles (invariably broken by now) when the three fellows would have a fall-out between themselves as to who would do the actual process of scoring, have a wild tussle, one would escape, and with the goal posts in his face, aim and miss miserably. Now, I'd have the ball placed on the ground in-front of me. I'd clench my teeth, run in with the intention of unleashing a malevolent blow on the ball, which is when I'd slip, and flop on the ball itself. The first defender, by no stretch of imagination an able footballer, would come in with the bright intention of saving the situation, aim a kick at the ball, and send it soaring over my head, and into our own goal.

I've encountered similar (if not worse) situations with basketball and hockey. Kabbadi gives me the nightmares. It invariably ended up in a huge fist-fight at the centre of the court, guess who gets caught smack in the middle of it? So, what do I do? Like the rest of most of my countrymen, I support cricket. It's a simple game really. You can stand at fine leg and ogle at passers-by for whole hours and not be missed. You will get a chance to bat, because no-one in your team can muscle his way out. And when you do get out, you can always blame the pitch, the bat, the umpire, the ball, and the speck of dust that always gets into your eye at the wrong time. No hassles in this game.

So, no wonder, billions of like minded people in my country support the game.

Oh, and what happened to the football match you ask? It ended up in penalty shoot-outs.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Darth, the dude

Darth Vader joins rock band!!

Stairway to death-star then, I suppose.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wounded Hands

Take time with the wounded hand, cause it wants to heal.
Take time with the wounded hand cause I like to steal.

Take time with the wounded hand, cause it likes to heal, there's a lot to steal.

I was wondering what to post about on, so here are some of the lyrics I am listening to right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The next superstar

Sam Anderson is the next superstar in the Tamil film industry. His acting, dancing, dialogue delivery, dress sense, and virtually everything is simply brilliant. The movie, Yaaruku yaaro, is most probably going to get an Oscar.

Now don't go and search for Sam Anderson on wikipedia or google. Rather, look at the following video to get an idea of his dancing.

And for a sense of his acting skills, look at how remarkably he blushes in the following video.

And watch the following climax scene for a taste of his remarkable dialogue delivery. WARNING: Contains Spoilers.

Millions are already going gaga over the new phenomenon. He has become so popular that he has a great fan following in the US, and it was Bragey, from Ithaca, who introduced me to this phenomenon! Many thousands are converting into his fans everyday. I got the bug today, and so shall you.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Billet-Doux Bumblings

Another Valentine's day has come and gone, and as is my usual wont, I have realized it three days late. Of course I wouldn't have done anything spectacular on the day in question, but you do feel a bit left out of the loop after days come and go without warning.

So, I thought about what I could have done this Valentine's day, and there is when you hit the snag of first finding a girl to be your Valentine. I think back to the girl way back in the 9th standard with whom I always shared the English non-detail text book, but then suddenly remember that I'm supposed to not like her because she laughed at me when I flunked Hindi in the quarterly exams by two marks (She scraped through with 42, but oh no, my mark was meant to be laughed at, but not hers. Darn Hindi). Oh, there was this girl who came in in tenth, and whom you later get into contact with through orkut, but then her relationship status progresses from single to open relationship to committed to married, and this kind of tends to leave a smoking hole in your heart.

There is the girl in the green sari you saw at a symposium somewhere, but the same evening she zooms away on the back seat of a roaring racing bike. You then think that you could always settle for the second year girl that wears the thick glasses and braces who always keeps staring at you, but then she stares at everyone, and in all probability she sees nothing.

Two days after Valentine's day is my best friend's girlfriend's birthday, and I send her a long stemmed rose online -{---{--{--@ through orkut, and come back home from college the next day with two blackened eyes, one from my best friend and another from my now no longer best friend's arch rival.

Namitha, Bipasha, Priyanka, Mallika, and Deepika all have the problem of being inaccessible.

So, what do I do? I sit at home and blog about the whole thing. And the rest of them nerds type comments pretending they had great outings with their girlfriends.

Anyway, I have other much more important things to think of, like taking over the world. No, seriously, it's not sour grapes.

Just Heard: Vinod went and crashed into some old man and fell off his bike. Poor fellow. He is having a really bad time. Moral: There's always someone worse off than you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Techofes Schedule

Techofes came out with an astounding schedule. It has two cine quiz finals. Probably the quizzes have two changed endings like those old films did. Different ones for different audiences. Hm, now this leads us to an interesting theory about events being pre-determined, but let's not dwell on that. Everyone knows they are all rigged. If you are from AU, I'm kidding.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I cant help it anymore

Khwajaji, khwaja
Khwajaji, khwaja, khwaja ji
Ya gharib nawaz (3)
Ya moinuddin, (2)
ya khwaja ji (Many times)

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja
dil mein sama ja (2)

Beqaso ki taqdeer,
tune hai sawari (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja

Tere darbar mein khwaja
Door toh hai dekha

Sar jhuka te hai auliya
Tu hai unalwali khwaja
Rutba hai pyara
Chahne se tujhko khwaja ji mustafa ko paya

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara

Mere peer ka sadka (2)

Hai mere peer ka sadka
Tera daaman hai thama
Tali har bala humari
Chaya hai khumar tera
Jitna bhi rashk kare beshak
Toh kam hai ae mere khwaja
Tere kadmo ko mere rehnuma nahi chodna gawara

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja dil mein sama ja
Beqaso ki taqdeer, tune hai sawari

Ignore those numbers on the side. They are the result of my attempts to come to grips with ARR's layering techniques.

Edit: The lyrics are courtesy of Mahesh. He very kindly sent it to me when I was zoned out to the music one evening. Of course he downloaded it from somewhere too.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jodha Akbar

The other day I went to Kicha's house after a long time to find him fiddling with the sound settings of his speakers and Winamp as usual. He finally managed to get it to his satisfaction. Don't ask me, they all sound the same to me and my idea of fiddling with the sound settings involves turning the volume up and down. Then he slapped in his playlist and there was this song which I think was in Urdu. It sounded average at first, but then the song never went the way you expected it to go, and I was hooked.

So, I managed to get my copy of the Jodha Akbar sound-track and from then on its been a marathon of swaying to Khawaja mere Khawaja, thumping feet to Azeem O Shah Shehenshah, whistling to Jashn E-Baharaa, and deleting the Man Mohanna track. Not that it's bad, but it has the lead female singer crooning at really high pitch, and it sounds awful on my run-down speakers (I listened to it anyway, and at one point it sounds like Aahista from Swades, and at another it sounds like some other song of Rahman himself, which escapes me just now).

Rahman has done a wonderful job indeed. Kicha says that there may be traces of Warriors of Heaven and Earth, and this idea does have some merit. All said and done, all songs are brilliant, and me loves it. Hats off to ARR.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sometimes one wishes he knew the five point palm exploding heart technique or something. Might come in handy one of these days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hotel Reservations

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The hotel discounts" available are also listed where applicable, and if not available, a plain black text stating the price appears. There does not seem to be any catch anywhere.

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So, pack your bags, and get going.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day of revelations

Saturday's been a day of mixed feelings for me. All the good things that happened have been completely offset by all the bad things that have happened. I woke up at the crack of dawn (10 A.M.) and managed to rush off to Krishna's place by around twenty past twelve. We traipsed off to meet Visu and Vinod in front of Palimar, the restaurant in front of the MCC, and together we made our way down to Tambaram Bus Stand. From there we caught the 21G and because the bus didn't stop at the Luz signal we had to get down at Yellow Pages and walk a long way to the Music Academy. We managed to get hold of seats near the front, and a few minutes later awe turned to disgust, of which I shall say no more. The Odyssey quiz started, and we made 7 out of 35, which by my standards, was admirable. Before the finals started, the quiz master announced the best school team, the best this team, the best that team, and finally it came to the best team name. Pravin Goday (the quiz master) read the interesting ones on various that spoofed current events. Pravin Goday (the quiz master) read the various ones that spoofed movies. Pravin Goday (the quiz master) read the various ones that had something to say about odyssey. Pravin Goday (the quiz master) did not read the various ones that had swear ones in them. Finally Pravin Goday (You know who he was by now, surely?) read his favourite of the evening, and that was our team name! We stood up, screamed, shook hands, hi-fived and then sat down as they didn't call us up on stage. The finals started, and the regular teams were up on stage. The quiz was interesting, though anyone who wasn't a hard-core quizzing enthusiast wouldn't have answered jack shit. It finally got over, with the regular teams winning, and we went back stage to collect the 6k voucher for the best team name. The guy asked our team name, looked at us up and down, and then handed them over with a smile.

And so it came to pass that we were skipping along R.K. road when Raja Deepak called me up, and said the results were out. As things turned out, I had flunked one subject, but not the one I had done badly! WTF is going on? Something's afoot. I'd be seriously disappointed if I don't clear that in re-evaluation. So much for skipping along R.K. Road. Ended up dragging my feet home. Dinner at Bhats didn't do too much to up our spirits too. Under the shade now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I found this

Row, row, row the boat
Gently down the stream
Throw your teachers overboard
And listen to them scream!

on wikipedia. Of course!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Audio Ads

Do you have a website? Or a blog? Or even an online social networking account where you can play music to your visitors? And do you want to earn money through it? If you answered yes to the last of the many questions and any one of the questions above it, then you have to perfect solution. Here is a perfect solution for you to earn from every visitor.

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Not only can you earn from every visitor, but you also stand to gain by referring other people's sites as affiliates and receive commissions on visits to their pages as well!

The only negative side to this is that in a country like India, where bandwidth is still not as good as it could have been, an audio ad might take up a lot of virtual real estate. One other disadvantage could have been that people might not exactly be chuffed with personal spaces blaring out ads, but an average human being is bombarded with advertisements everywhere he/she turns to, and any opposition to this scheme will disappear as the concept catches on I am sure. So, what are you waiting for? Start earning money!

As a college student, I know how hard it sometimes can be whenever one runs out of cash. One always feels that extra few bucks would be very helpful, especially during the month end pinch. That is why one always is on the look out for means to prevent that check from bouncing, or borrowing money from family and friends, or even selling off your possessions.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

We went and watched Taare Zameen Par today. It's a nice movie. Do watch. My personal highlight of the film was that Abishek Bachan was proclaimed a retard. So, Aish, you stil... can... think of... others... me! Ok, jokes apart, very nice movie, and the good thing was that Ameer Khan didn't go overboard with a romantic sub-story, which I thought would have messed it up, but rather hinted at it and left it there. Nice confident direction. The young guy acted really brilliantly.

A Must Watch Movie.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Do you play poker online? Do you ever want to beat all those anonymous professional-looking people who make mince-meat of those who stray in their way? Well, maybe you should try this online poker calculator to calculate your poker odds. You can now dominate all online games by using this Holdem Calculator to calculate the odds you have, and win every game you ever play online. Who knows all those pros who accuse you of being a noob probably use the same thing.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

To err is human, to forgive is divine

The title of this post and cricket umpiring are however mutually exclusive. Bucknor has been a good umpire, but I think he is on the decline now. Probably he's deaf as a bat now. So, what I'd like to say to him is: Dude, you might want to consider retiring, with dignity.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sunil does it again

This evening we were returning home after playing cricket at the ground. I was sitting behind Sunil on his ubiquitous Pulsar, and I had three cricket bats and four stumps on me. We said bye to everyone and set off. Sunil drove far enough to get out of earshot of everyone and that's when the bike stalled, which isn't exactly unprecedented, knowing Sunil's exacting maintenance standards. After some pumping of the bike, tilting of the bike, kneeling and praying, we still weren't able to get it to start again. So, we opened the petrol tank and peered inside, only to find that half of it was water. Bloody rain. So we took turns to push the bike and hold the cricketing paraphernalia, which weighs around a ton, and walked back to my place in the gathering gloom. I was sitting at home relaxing when Sunil called me and said the balls were still with him, and since one can't play cricket without balls the next morning which Sunil would not come to, I went to get them from him at his place. It was there that he broke the news that the problem with his bike was that someone had tampered with some wire that was supposed to come out of the carburettor, and was hanging lose.

Trust Sunil's bike to get into trouble.

And there was this girl walking near Sunil's house who I stared at, and she stared back, for nearly 30 seconds, as I slowly drove by. Sunil, I'm dropping you home everyday man.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


College is starting tomorrow. Mega Bore. I'll as usual start from home at only 8:15. College starts for me at 8:30 A.M. I guess we'll just be intimated about the review dates for the project and left alone. Classes are on Monday and Tuesday only you see. So, we'll go to college only next week I presume. And now we can also walk out of college any time, now that we are in the final semester. And moreover I think we've got holidays coming up for final sem students only so as to enable them to work on their projects better.

So, I'm having mixed feelings about going tomorrow.