Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The next superstar

Sam Anderson is the next superstar in the Tamil film industry. His acting, dancing, dialogue delivery, dress sense, and virtually everything is simply brilliant. The movie, Yaaruku yaaro, is most probably going to get an Oscar.

Now don't go and search for Sam Anderson on wikipedia or google. Rather, look at the following video to get an idea of his dancing.

And for a sense of his acting skills, look at how remarkably he blushes in the following video.

And watch the following climax scene for a taste of his remarkable dialogue delivery. WARNING: Contains Spoilers.

Millions are already going gaga over the new phenomenon. He has become so popular that he has a great fan following in the US, and it was Bragey, from Ithaca, who introduced me to this phenomenon! Many thousands are converting into his fans everyday. I got the bug today, and so shall you.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Billet-Doux Bumblings

Another Valentine's day has come and gone, and as is my usual wont, I have realized it three days late. Of course I wouldn't have done anything spectacular on the day in question, but you do feel a bit left out of the loop after days come and go without warning.

So, I thought about what I could have done this Valentine's day, and there is when you hit the snag of first finding a girl to be your Valentine. I think back to the girl way back in the 9th standard with whom I always shared the English non-detail text book, but then suddenly remember that I'm supposed to not like her because she laughed at me when I flunked Hindi in the quarterly exams by two marks (She scraped through with 42, but oh no, my mark was meant to be laughed at, but not hers. Darn Hindi). Oh, there was this girl who came in in tenth, and whom you later get into contact with through orkut, but then her relationship status progresses from single to open relationship to committed to married, and this kind of tends to leave a smoking hole in your heart.

There is the girl in the green sari you saw at a symposium somewhere, but the same evening she zooms away on the back seat of a roaring racing bike. You then think that you could always settle for the second year girl that wears the thick glasses and braces who always keeps staring at you, but then she stares at everyone, and in all probability she sees nothing.

Two days after Valentine's day is my best friend's girlfriend's birthday, and I send her a long stemmed rose online -{---{--{--@ through orkut, and come back home from college the next day with two blackened eyes, one from my best friend and another from my now no longer best friend's arch rival.

Namitha, Bipasha, Priyanka, Mallika, and Deepika all have the problem of being inaccessible.

So, what do I do? I sit at home and blog about the whole thing. And the rest of them nerds type comments pretending they had great outings with their girlfriends.

Anyway, I have other much more important things to think of, like taking over the world. No, seriously, it's not sour grapes.

Just Heard: Vinod went and crashed into some old man and fell off his bike. Poor fellow. He is having a really bad time. Moral: There's always someone worse off than you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Techofes Schedule

Techofes came out with an astounding schedule. It has two cine quiz finals. Probably the quizzes have two changed endings like those old films did. Different ones for different audiences. Hm, now this leads us to an interesting theory about events being pre-determined, but let's not dwell on that. Everyone knows they are all rigged. If you are from AU, I'm kidding.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I cant help it anymore

Khwajaji, khwaja
Khwajaji, khwaja, khwaja ji
Ya gharib nawaz (3)
Ya moinuddin, (2)
ya khwaja ji (Many times)

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja
dil mein sama ja (2)

Beqaso ki taqdeer,
tune hai sawari (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja

Tere darbar mein khwaja
Door toh hai dekha

Sar jhuka te hai auliya
Tu hai unalwali khwaja
Rutba hai pyara
Chahne se tujhko khwaja ji mustafa ko paya

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara

Mere peer ka sadka (2)

Hai mere peer ka sadka
Tera daaman hai thama
Tali har bala humari
Chaya hai khumar tera
Jitna bhi rashk kare beshak
Toh kam hai ae mere khwaja
Tere kadmo ko mere rehnuma nahi chodna gawara

Khwaja mere khwaja
Dil mein sama ja
Shaho ka shah tu
Ali ka dulara (2)

Khwaja mere khwaja dil mein sama ja
Beqaso ki taqdeer, tune hai sawari

Ignore those numbers on the side. They are the result of my attempts to come to grips with ARR's layering techniques.

Edit: The lyrics are courtesy of Mahesh. He very kindly sent it to me when I was zoned out to the music one evening. Of course he downloaded it from somewhere too.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jodha Akbar

The other day I went to Kicha's house after a long time to find him fiddling with the sound settings of his speakers and Winamp as usual. He finally managed to get it to his satisfaction. Don't ask me, they all sound the same to me and my idea of fiddling with the sound settings involves turning the volume up and down. Then he slapped in his playlist and there was this song which I think was in Urdu. It sounded average at first, but then the song never went the way you expected it to go, and I was hooked.

So, I managed to get my copy of the Jodha Akbar sound-track and from then on its been a marathon of swaying to Khawaja mere Khawaja, thumping feet to Azeem O Shah Shehenshah, whistling to Jashn E-Baharaa, and deleting the Man Mohanna track. Not that it's bad, but it has the lead female singer crooning at really high pitch, and it sounds awful on my run-down speakers (I listened to it anyway, and at one point it sounds like Aahista from Swades, and at another it sounds like some other song of Rahman himself, which escapes me just now).

Rahman has done a wonderful job indeed. Kicha says that there may be traces of Warriors of Heaven and Earth, and this idea does have some merit. All said and done, all songs are brilliant, and me loves it. Hats off to ARR.