Friday, May 30, 2008

Season's Greetings

I went to college yesterday to get the course completion certificate. Of course, I got Raja to give me company. Typically, we had to get through layers of bureaucratic red-tape, and were delayed for three hours and ended up sitting on the stone benches under the trees. We found Arun there, who was trying to find a marksheet which was lost by our department.

The stone benches below the trees were our favourite haunts in college. Especially the first couple of ones when you come into college, go left, and take the first right. This is because these stone benches afford an uninterrupted view of the both the routes that one might take to the canteen and the mess, the way to the first-year block, the CSE classrooms, the ECE classrooms, the EEE classrooms, and was suitably hidden from anyone moving around the principal's office, the vice principal's office, and anyone important coming and going. Moreover, it afforded an excellent breeze, and one would always encounter a cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

Having spent the majority of college-hours on these benches and ogling at all female passersby (Praveen and Raja Deepak whistling and catcalling shamelessly) the stone bench became an irrevocable part of our lives. Sitting there now, we suddenly realised this might possibly be the last time we were sitting there, and we were suddenly gripped by a slight emotion. We were never going to sit there again! I never thought I would feel emotions of separation on leaving college, but here I was, almost feeling sad. Raja Deepak of course noticed none of this, and soon was stretched out fast asleep. Ah well, turns out there is one aspect of my college that I really am going to miss.

One a side note, Vinod and Marc from AIHT got their call letters from Infosys. They've got to join on June 23. Looks like I might get them soon too. This is way too early! I want more holidays. Don't call me before Independence Day this year! And jeez, looks like I'll be adding a new label called 'work' starting this post. My God! I am going to work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Take

A lot has been said about the dress (or lack of it) of the cheerleaders of various teams in the IPL, but here's my take on the whole issue.

I personally think these cheerleaders are some of the most fittest women around. (I arrived at this decision after careful observation of course :D ). Our women should take a leaf out their books and exercise. This will reduce chances of osteoporosis and other related diseases later in life.

One doesn't want to end up dependent on calcium sandoz.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The End is Near

Engineering is almost over. I only have 1 exam left, and a whole 20 days between now and then. I know that the whole 20 days are going to hurry past in a blurred frenzy of frenetic cricket, movie watching, and orkut-profile-surfing. So I thought I might as well make use of the time I had better use to study to blog about some of the things that happened in Engineering.

It all began with the announcement of the twelfth standard results. I was pretty happy with my score, but my mum and dad weren't impressed (A rather not unforeseen situation given that my total was a whole digit lesser than some of my friends). Anyway, we decided to start applying to colleges around the country. (It was at this time that my vague dreams of opening the batting for India at Lords', or becoming a fighter pilot, or becoming one of those black-suited gun waving womanizing secret agents you see so much of in the movies went phut). We ended up applying to a whole lot of colleges, and I ended up joining in the only college that bothered to reply. Anyway, having no idea what I wanted to do in life, I went and took up an engineering course in computer science because I had always 'liked' computers. The admission process was funny. The supremo looked up and down my application, my marksheet, and my (for the fast and last time) neatly polished shoes and said I was in.

And so it came to pass that on September 27, 2004, that I got into my college bus without a clue as to what lay in store. The day went by uneventfully, what with everyone making friends with everyone else (a few making enemies with everyone as well), and I went and got into the college bus that evening. Now, being a thin bespectacled runt runs the natural risk of attracting bullies, and before you could spell Gaston Leroux I was surrounded by no less than 14 seniors. Before long, I found myself happily gunning down passersby, driving scooters and pole dancing with the rest of my batchmates. After sometime, a big hulking final year decided that I'd done enough of the 'light' stuff, and called me in or personal questioning, and everyone (including 1st years) crowded around. Now since most of the questions tended to involve the sexual practices of the average human being, I wasn't taken out of my comfort zone too much. ;) Little did I realize at that time that I'd end up making some of my best friends among those seniors. It was also on the first day of college that I met one Mr. A. Raja Deepak, who immediately regaled me with a story of how he'd just seen his dream girl on the bus that morning (Little knowing he'd not progress one step ahead in the ensuing four years).

First half of first year went in a blurry haze, what with my grand-dad dying halfway through it, and me getting bad marks in all the exams that I'd done well in, and vice versa. The later part of the first year also went in a haze, of which I remember nothing except that I must have read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at least 42 times. Oh, and there was the tsunami too, that left everyone spell-bound.

Second year came, and with it, new found light-headedness. We went to a few symposiums (Raja would disappear behind some foliage with some female as soon as we set foot in a college) and we'd happily fool around. I ended up gradually bubbling up to the last bench of class where people would be pursuing a plethora of activities (ranging from reading books to playing TT. Yes Table Tennis). The down-side was that we'd be called to the HOD's office every now and then. Fourth semester was the most boring.

Third year, and we were seasoned warriors now. A few of us decided we'd had enough of attending college and we started attending every symposium in town (There are 250 Engineering colleges in TN, so not a tough ask) and I found that I always had a little luck when it came to quiz competitions (especially when it came to usurping Krishna's team when qualifying) and I won a few prizes for that. Having gone off to attend so many symposiums, my attendance was somewhere in the low forties and at the end of 5th and 6th semesters I spent many long hours haggling with the HOD for attendance. I also seriously considered (still am considering) asking out Raja's 'dream girl' because he didn't seem to want to do anything about it. We went on a tour too. It went in a different sort of haze. Oh, and I got a job offer too.

Final year came, and we were war veterans. Went on another tour, which was hazier still. There was a symposium which our department conducted, towards which I channeled none of my energies. Seventh semester went in a blink of an eye, and eighth semester came, and with it a new HOD. He ended up being my project guide too! I must not have gone to class more than ten days in the eighth semester. Then suddenly project review happened, and we barked our heads off. Then exams were on us, and we barked our heads off even more in the answer sheets. Anna University am sure, will bark their heads off while posting results. And I bark my head of in my blog.

Edit: All exams over. This was typed quite a few days ago.