Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Economics and Economists

Arun M: Where does the bloody money in the world come from? Trade?.. ..What is the source of all money?

Prashanth: Countries like India have a fiscal deficit, wherein the value of internal reform measures goes over the total income. In that case, some kind of cess has to be established.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gandhi the IT Professional

Have you heard of the Hogwarts Express? You probably have read about it. But have you heard about the Infy Express? Now you will.

I went to send off Vinod who was going to join Infosys at Mysore for work last night. Along with me came seven other people. Nice show of friendship and solidarity that seven people go to send off one bugger, I thought. As things turned out, most of the people who were going on that train were to go to Infosys. The whole platform was a swarming mass of young people smiling, giggling, guffawing, slapping each other on the backs, introducing parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, twice removed cousins, and couples retreating into shadowy corners. Vinod being the popular person that he is, drew a large crowd of people (mostly female) from his college, and everyone was vying to get his attention. I also saw Marc, who was supposed to go, but wasn't, Karthik, who didn't want to go, but was, and a few other people who wanted to go, and were.

After the name lists were put up, we saw much to our amusement and Vinod's enthusiasm that his seat was surrounded by a gang of young girls. It was squashed however, when it turned out to be a large family, one of whom called to her brother and said, "Bhayya, ek ladka..". Then someone told someone else something, to which someone else responded with something else, and ran away. Ah, such are the vagaries in the course of life. We went up and down the compartments looking around, and Vinod V.N nearly fell over one female who was bending over, and later regretted actually not falling. Bunch of perverts hitting on females.

When the train started, everyone screamed their heads off, and Vinod leaned out of the train and waved and smiled in an awesome imitation of Gandhi embarking on one of his satyagrahas (or whatever). And then, we went back home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Nothing has happened in the past few days. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nil. Nothing, except for the fact that I went and dropped a cup of coffee all over my brand new copy of Inheritance of Loss, which I had shelled out hard earned money to get. Ah, damn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Now that there is the new Indiana Jones movie out and everyone is raving about the brilliant performance of 64 year old Harrison Ford, I thought I might watch the older Indiana Jones films first. I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark already, and I caught up with Temple of Doom just now.

As usual Harrison Ford was brilliant. Also good were the heroine (Kate Capshaw) and Shorty, the kid (Jonathan Ke Quan). And Amrish Puri was spectacular too. In his introduction he was wearing a piece of massive head-gear and was unrecognizable, but in later scenes when he removes it, I realized who it was.

The whole film is set in India, and for most part talks about Hindu religious rituals. Of course, they got it all wrong, but then it's only a movie. Don't watch it if you are a Hindu and are offended by portrayals of your religion *yawn* in the wrong sense.

And the movie came out in 1984. So don't expect stunts matching Die Hard 4.0 or something. They are bound to be a little silly looking in this age of high class CG. A good movie, but somehow I thought I liked the previous one better.

Do watch. Tata.