Friday, September 05, 2008

Technology always increases in leaps and bounds!

Yeah, it does. Increase in leaps and bounds. New stuff are always on the way out! I mean, all these years I had heard of earphones. You could listen to music through them everyone said. That was fantastic. But now, suddenly, everyone's started talking about an eyephone! They say eyephone three-g! Now what is that? Some form of street cricket? I mean, when you hit the ball at the leg side wall, you were granted two runs. That was called two-g. Now you have this three-g that you score using an eyephone! So, talking about this eyephone, what does it do? Given that the earphone played sounds into your ear, the eyephone must do what? Flash lights into your eye or something? Help you look without spectacles? Display maps of the areas you are in? Scroll news? Flash addresses and telephone numbers of members of the opposite sex? Possible that all this and more can be done! Technology really is increasing in leaps and bounds no? After all, till a few years ago, you could only write with pens. These days everyone seems to be going on about how beautifully their pen drives!