Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Rash!

Sunday, October 12, 2008. My dad and his friend were barreling down GST road at above a 100 kmph in a Toyota corolla. In an attempt to overtake a slow vehicle, my dad's friend cut to the right a bit to change lanes. But the problem was that it'd been raining for a bit, and the front right wheel skid on the water, locked up, and veered down the road and into a ditch. It then proceeded on a rendezvous with a fallen tree, which it met head on.

The car now went through a short period of self doubt as to whether to keep the rubber side downwards or not, and consequently did a triple somersault and ultimately did end up right way up.

My dad and his friend both opened the doors and walked out. My dad came home with a stiff neck, and his friend scraped his fingers on bramble while getting out. That was the extent of their injuries.

The seat-belts saved them. The air-bags, however, failed to deploy. The car's body was damaged beyond recognition. However, internally, the only damage was to the air-conditioning. Someone managed to actually drive the car back to Chennai. My dad got a few photos of the car on his camera mobile.

Both my dad and his friend agree that the process of filing an FIR was more traumatic than the actual accident.


TD5M4PP3R said...

Scary stuff da! Lucky Corolla is a good car! My uncle survived in a similar accident in an Ikon.

Both are good cars. Had it been my Santro, Im sure it would have been finito!

Visu said...

Thank god, the seat belts!! I couldn't imagine otherwise... The car is almost crushed man! And what the hell? the air-bags failed to open up?.. Bull shit..!

Praveen said...

Being an Indian, I am surprised at your Dad's presence of mind to wear a seat belt! Anyway, it did pay back good!

Narain said...

Thats scary dude!
Corolla has airbags?

Sundar said...

Yes, this one had.

Marc said...

Technically, the wheel 'hydroplaned'. Driving over 60 kmph in any part of India in any vehicle is dangerous. Glad you're people are ok.

Rachel said...

Yeah, seat belts are useful. It's only we people ignore it.

Mahesh said...

Seat belt...angadhan da sundar unoda intelligence appadiye one percent korayama unga appavuku iruku....thank god...god is great...corolla va pottu perichampazham vangi saapadalam..

navneeth said...

man that was scary,but thank god for seat belt

Raja Deepak said...

Scary dude!! thank god ur Dad is okay..!!

Sundar said...

@ tedious mapper

Absolutely... It was lucky it was a good car. Of course, in our zen/santro, we'd not have been going in that speed.


Wear seat belts all the time, especially in the cab. If it is not available, resign in protest.


My Dad used to be a little paranoid about seat-belts, now he is completely paranoid.


We can depend on you to come up with stuff like 'hydroplaning' which no one asked for in the first place.







@Raja Deepak


RAM said...

even i have to drive carefully!!!!i am a bit excited about my new car when i drive!!!!

Banmido said...

Lucky that no one got hurt.

TD5M4PP3R said...


Even in the US, 40+ MPH in rains is a bad idea. I don't see why Indian roads are inferior (apart from speed breakers and holes all over the place). Those will have the same efffect without rains, anyways