Saturday, December 12, 2009

What not to do on the NH

Greetings. I know I haven't updated my blog properly in a while, and there are a lot of things that've happened that are worth mentioning, like the trip to Delhi and Manali, and the project party etc, but I guess, we'll save the lighter ones for later and plunge head first into the darker news on my personal front.

Friday evening found me slogging away at work. Whatever I was trying to build wasn't working and whatever had already been working was breaking. At about 9.30 PM, which is when you reach your wit's end, I fired off an email to everyone saying that whatever has come to pass is what has come to pass, and left for the day. I traipsed down to the food court, and met KK. After a quick bite, we started. On my trusty steed, and faithful stallion, my motor-cycle.

The ride back was good because traffic was sparse, visibility was good, there were no annoying cross winds. And so we breezed down all the way from Paranur till Irumbuliyur. We'd gone about half a kilometer past the Perungalathur bridge when we reached a small gap in the median strip. And this taxi zoomed out of nowhere, came in through it and parked itself perpendicularly in my path. With hardly 15 feet to go, and me doing about 40kmph, I stomped on my brakes with all my vigor, knowing full well it was an exercise in futility. The bike slowed a bit, and the brakes locked, but I made sure I kept the bike straight till the end.

We crashed straight into the side of the taxi. The front wheel, the fender, and the headlights took most of the impact. I guess I managed to turn my head to the side at the last minute, and the forward right side of my helmet took the impact with the car. I remember feeling a dull thud as we crashed.

The next thing I know, we're lying smack in the middle of the National Highway, between a car and a shattered bike, with blinding headlights all around. My bike was still running, the engine whining sickeningly. 3-4 people came running in. Two helped us off the asphalt, one put the bike in neutral, turned it off and pushed it out onto the embankment. Yet another grabbed my bike, helmet and spectacles. Good Samaritans. They vanished into the inky blankness of the night. Doubt I'll ever see them again.

I was in one piece, was able to move all parts of my body, so was KK.

The taxi driver stayed back to help too. He gave us water, and offered us shelter from the drizzle that'd now started in his vehicle. I'd meanwhile called my dad and asked him to come over. We put the bike in the taxi-driver's house itself, and made our way to the Hindu Mission Hospital. The driver didn't start any arguments about who was right and wrong, Humdullilah.

I needed to stitch up my forehead because the helmet managed to absorb only so much of the shock, which I got done. We also got an x-ray each of KK's right hand, which probably banged against the car, we're not sure, and my right leg, which started swelling up suddenly right on the operation table. Nothing broken!

All in all a purely miraculous escape!

I remember the moments before the impact vividly. As I braked, I heard my own engine revving, and KK's grip on my shoulder tightening. KK remembers me calling to him to watch out. And then a crunch followed by a thump. Amazing how vivid it is!

Reached home at 1.30 in the morning.

Mr. Taxi driver, although you did manage to redeem yourself a bit with all the help you rendered, I wish in future, you'd look both sides before putting your car across an highway, I wish you'd use the indicator lights, and I hope you wouldn't be drunk, which is what you appeared to be. (You probably were only tired, I'm willing to concede that though).

Right now on a myriad of tablets for the next week. Moral of the story: Never work late :)

Over and out.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The hunter's war chant

At last I managed to do it. I ruined my weekend in the process, but at last I have managed to do it! I managed to figure out the strange mumblings at the start of the puli urumudhu song in vettaikaran!

Sambalabala Sibbate Siddhi salabala ganta
Nimba swapana sindha hamsa halala ganda
Viddhi shalala gumba shobbi shalalaga bette
Om shanti shanti he.

Over and out.