Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A really old photo

Well, I'm second from the left on the third row. Who would have thought this boy would one day grow up to become so tall and handsome? :P


Subash said...

dude...i am missing in this one...:-(((

Marc said...

What year was this?

Why are some of them glowing?

Sundar said...

@ Subash... yeah..

@ Marc.. this was in 2001. They were bright students :P

(I think someone played around on photoshop)

Rachel said...

Handsome: fine-looking, pleasing in appearance.

Sorry Sundar, still I can't find you.

Good that you still have these snaps, coz I don't. I miss my schools days a lot though.

Anonymous said...


Vatsala said...

photo sundar = apaavi sundar